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How wealthy do I need to be to have a financial adviser?

Some people believe financial advice is only accessible, or relevant, for individuals of high net worth. This is a common misconception that Fortnum Dubbo is keen to dispel. We create tailored financial plans designed specifically for your set of circumstances – regardless of the wealth and assets you have today. We help you identify and articulate your financial goals and, from there, we craft a customised plan designed to help you realise those aspirations.

Your Fortnum Dubbo financial adviser will help you find clarity amid complex financial terrains, empowering you with the confidence you’ll need to make informed financial decisions. We take a helicopter view of your entire financial life, in order to highlight how the choices you make today could impact on where and how you live a little later in life.

Fortnum Dubbo also rejects the commonly-held belief that financial advice is out of reach to a large section of the community. Fortnum Dubbo delivers affordable service that starts with a complimentary introductory meeting. From there, we offer a Fee For Service model, which will be dependent upon the specific services you require. We value transparency and you will enjoy absolute clarity about where and when expenses will be incurred.

What is our Planning Framework?

Our financial advice model is underpinned by a proven planning framework. Our framework comprises six key considerations for planning your financial affairs – both now and in the future. Our framework helps to simplify what may otherwise be confusing interactions between the various aspects of your financial affairs that together create your complete financial life. Or Planning Framework incorporates requirements from six key areas of need: risk planning, debt planning, investment planning, income planning, estate planning and retirement planning.

Can you show me possible outcomes before I commit to a financial plan?

Yes. We offer a financial modelling program – The Astute Wheel - that uses graphs to illustrate the likely financial outcomes of different strategy options. While modelling does not predict your actual outcome it is helpful in providing well considered scenarios that can be helpful when making your financial decisions.

What costs will I incur for the creation of my financial plan?

The cost of your financial plan will vary depending on the resources required for you and your needs. Your first Fortnum Dubbo meeting is free of charge, as we meet with you to discover what you hope to achieve through financial planning. If you decide to enlist our services, you will be charged a fee for service – those services will be dependent upon your needs which could include investments, estate planning, business or personal insurances and bespoke cash flow management strategies.

Our fee structures are totally transparent such that you will be made aware of likely charges prior to work commencing on your behalf.

Why do I need a Statement of Advice?

A Statement of Advice (SOA) is a detailed document that confirms financial advice and recommended financial strategies. An SOA must be provided by financial advisers and financial services providers as a requirement under the Corporations Act 2001. Further, your SOA must be worded and presented in a clear, concise and effective manner. You must have enough information about the advice you have been given so that you can decide whether you can rely on that advice to meet your articulated goals and needs. Only when you feel satisfied that you understand your SOA should you sign the SOA’s authority to proceed. Upon signing the authority to proceed you give your financial adviser official consent to implement the advice as agreed in the SOA.

Does Fortnum Dubbo have product preferences?

Fortnum Dubbo is free of institutional allegiances, which means that we are not beholden to any particular company to use their products or services. This is an important difference, as it allows us to select from a range of products offered by different providers that meet stringent quality criteria rather than to be limited by the availability within one company’s product range. This enables us to offer our clients the most appropriate products for their individual circumstances.

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The information contained within this website does not consider your personal circumstances and is of a general nature only. You should not act on it without first obtaining professional financial advice specific to your circumstances. This website holds information for Australian Residents only.

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